STL delivers 1000th computer!
August 8, 2008
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Kyle was the 1000th recipient of an STL computer on August 8th, 2008. Kyle is entering Grade 7 in September.

Kyle received a Dell Dimension 2400 with a P4 2.2GHz CPU, 1024MB (1GB) RAM, 60GB hard drive, DVD burner, Windows XP, Office XP and speakers! He was also presented with an STL merchandise gift pack.

We asked him some questions...

What will you use your computer to do?
I will use my computer academically and socially. To research homework assignments for me and my little brother. To learn more about Canada and other countries. My teacher and mom can email each other about my progress in class.

How will receiving a computer impact your life in a positive way?
Receiving a computer will help me to complete assignments faster and easier.

Can you tell me about your interests and hobbies?
I love computers because it gives you the opportunity to learn a lot about anything and everything. My hobbies are basketball, swimming and bike riding.

Kyle receives STL's 1000th computer!


Kyle also receives an STL gift pack!


Lara Tavares (STL Founder, CEO), Kyle, Rema Tavares (STL Project Coordinator), Grace Han (STL Project Assistant)


Kyle, Lara Tavares (STL Founder, CEO)